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Why Trust Lion Media?

  • In business since 2017
  • Over 3000 Leads generated/ Month in the home improvement
  • We have worked with thousand’s of contractors in all verticals of home improvement   

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How We Generate Leads For Contractors

Someone needs their house painted, they will search on google for a painter

construction leads online

we will run marketing on your site and make sure they find you on the first page

They go on there and fill out a form describing their project in detail

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You get their info as soon as that happens and schedule an estimate to go see the work

roofing lead generation companies

You go sit down see what they want and need, and provide them with an estimate

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Win contracts make more sales and keep your guys busy and going

What Makes Us Different?

window lead generation

We generate results, both in the commercial & residential sector

We work directly with you to target the customers you are most interested in working with.

Every lead you get is 100% exclusive to you and not shared with no one else.

Every Lead you receive has expressed interest to work with you and wants to hear from your company directly

We provide 100% Exclusivity to you. Due to our system, we can only work with one company in any given area. This means you will outperform your competition.

Why Lead Generation For Contractors Is Important

If you are a contractor, generating quality leads is probably a hassle for you. Relying on outdated methods like word of mouth is not going to help you scale and consistently grow your business to reach your goals. 

Also from a sales perspective, your online presence is hugely important. Not many people realize this but a lot of your potential clients will go online and try to find as much information out there about you, your business and the quality of the services you can provide. It is then your job to make sure everything they find is up the par to increase the chances of you getting the job. 

Furthermore, in order to even get a chance of attracting qualified prospects, you will need to need to showcase a strong online presence. There are 100’s of businesses on Google, why should they contact you and trust you for their projects? Your website needs to convey trust.

The Best Lead Generation Company For Contractors

What makes us the best when it comes to lead generation for contractors? Well, for one thing, you can be sure we deliver results! Unlike other companies, we will focus on all aspects of your online presences so we can not only help you generate leads but also do as much as possible to make sure you close them too. Our leads will also be exclusive just to you, so you are not going to be fighting over price with 7 different contractors on the project. 

Types of leads we can generate:


  • Remodeling leads (i.e Bathroom, Kitchen, Basement & Much More!)
  • Home repair
  • Home Improvement
  • Roofing 
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Window
  • HVAC
  • Solar
  • Pretty much anything that has to do with building envelope we can help you generate leads for.

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