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Why Trust Lion Media?

  • In business since 2017
  • Over 3000 Leads generated/ Month in the home improvement
  • We have worked with thousand’s of contractors in all verticals of home improvement   

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How It Works

Someone needs their house painted, they will search on google for a painter

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we will run marketing on your site and make sure they find you on the first page

They go on there and fill out a form describing their project in detail

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You get their info as soon as that happens and schedule an estimate to go see the work

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You go sit down see what they want and need, and provide them with an estimate

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Win contracts make more sales and keep your guys busy and going

What Makes Us Different?

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We generate results, both in the commercial & residential sector

We work directly with you to target the customers you are most interested in working with.

Every lead you get is 100% exclusive to you and not shared with no one else.

Every Lead you receive has expressed interest to work with you and wants to hear from your company directly

We provide 100% Exclusivity to you. Due to our system, we can only work with one company in any given area. This means you will outperform your competition.

About Us

  • As a company who has been working in the construction industry for years, we have all the experiences needed and nothing is new to us anymore. With over 3000 leads that we generate every month, we have more leads coming in that contractors we can actually work with ! 
  • If you are a contractor that’s doing very high end construction work, it’ll be very hard to find qualified buyers who can afford your premium prices. We know that you want qualified buyers who won’t waste your time and that’s where we come in and help!  
  • When it comes to understanding what you want, we take that with caution. At Lion Media, we do have direct communication with our clients in order for us to know exactly what they want and how they want it.  With this in place, you won’t have to be getting irrelevant construction leads that you don’t have an interest in.

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